• Perfect Boba Milk Tea for your Zodiac! 🥤

    Perfect Boba Milk Tea for your Zodiac! 🥤
    It’s boba here, boba there, boba boba everywhere! The bubble tea culture is here to stay, just look at the long queues at almost every bubble tea cafe in the town now.Well today, I’m going to share a guide with all my beloved readers to detect which boba is your cup of tea, based on your zodiac sign and also learn to read someone’s...
  • 5款时尚辣妈孕妇装,孕中孕后都能穿

  • 10 Must Have Photo Apps

    10 Must Have Photo Apps
    Everyone can edit and be like a pro with the existence of a wide varieties of great apps! Especially when Instagram (IG) have becoming part of our life besides Facebook (FB).Today YenJie is going to introduce to all my readers my most-used 10 powerful and useful photo apps that can turn your dummie self into a very professional photo editor. Apart from being very...
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